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Duplicated from StackOverflow (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16646475/hql-where-clause-greater-than-with-jadira-persistentdatetimewithzone) incase the maintainers of Jadira are not watching there....

I'm using jadira PersistentDateTimeWithZone to store a joda DateTime with timezone. It all works as expected, except for searching for dates using ">=" - it compares the time timezone string in the where clause (see SQL at bottom). Is there any way to further refine my annotaion or HQL to prevent this, or is it a bug in Jadira

@Type(type = "org.jadira.usertype.dateandtime.joda.PersistentDateTimeWithZone")
@Columns(columns={@Column(name="departureDate", nullable = false),@Column(name="departureDateTimezone", nullable = false)})
private DateTime depScheduled;

My HQL query in my JpaRepository:

* Get all things that depart after the given date
@Query("select e from MyTable e where depScheduled>=?1")
List<MyTable> loadDatFromMyTable(DateTime depDate);

The generated SQL - see it is trying to compare both the date and the timezone string.

x.departureDate as departur5_4_,
x.departureDateTimezone as departur6_4_,
MyTable x
and crewroster0_.departureDate>=?
and crewroster0_.departureDateTimezone>=?

May 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKevin

The type is actually a Hibernate CompositeType (like all of the Jadira multicolumn types). This lets you query on the components of the type. For this type the two components are: 'datetime' and 'offset', therefore, try referring to the component within the type as depScheduled.datetime.

There is a good discussion of CompositeTypes at Learning Via Code

I've answered this also on StackOverflow.

June 29, 2013 | Registered CommenterChris