Jadira is the home for Sousan and Chris Pheby's open source projects. These are reusable open source Java modules that provide first class solutions using the most effective current JEE technologies.

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Announcing Jadira 3.1.0.GA

I’ve just released Jadira 3.1.0.GA. Its currently being promoted to Maven Central so may be a few hours before it shows up there.

This release follows nearly a year and half since our last stable release (3.0.0.GA) and eleven candidate releases. It is definitely time for the GA release, with many users tracking the CR releases which now significantly exceed 3.0.0 in usage.

Everyone using 2.0.x and 3.0.x should now be thinking of upgrading.

In 3.1.0 there are significant new features, evolution to existing capabilities and a significant strengthening to the codebase.

Key features in this release include:


  • Support for:
    • JSR310 (Java 8)
    • ThreeTen Backport
    • Joda Time
    • Legacy JDK Temporal types
    • Joda Money
    • JDK Enums
    • Libphonenumber (uses Jadira’s cdt – common data types module)
    • ISO Country Codes (uses Jadira’s cdt – common data types module)
  • New Timezone managing algorithm. Especially MySQL users need to pay attention as they now need to set the JDBC connection property 'useLegacyDatetimeCode=false'
  • Global configuration options reduce domain verbosity. These exist for type auto-registration, java and database timezones, default currency codes and sequence generation seeds.
  • Typesafe, plumbing free and multiple-tier friendly JPA repositories.

Documentation has also been improved with (almost) comprehensive Javadoc and an enhanced (if still terse) user guide for the Usertypes modules at http://jadira.sourceforge.net/usertype-userguide.html.


  • The first release for a high performance object cloning library with ASM, Reflection, InvokeDynamic and sun.misc.Unsafe based access strategies. Cloning introduces variants on the commons-lang HashCodeBuilder and EqualsBuilder that take advantage of the object access strategies. Cloning can be integrated with Orika to provide a cloning converter as part of a larger transformation.


  • Extensible framework for registering and invoking conversions of objects from one class to another


  • A multi-threaded library for classpath inspection in the spirit of Scannotation.

I’ll be continuing to add to the documentation for the various moules with successive releases.

Jadira aims to deliver the building blocks for domain driven applications that perform well with minimal code and a rich type safe model. As Jadira moves towards the next release I’ll be working on extending the features with more tooling that supports building rich domains that integrate well with the event driven style.

 As usual, please give feedback via our issue tracker (http://jadira.atlassian.net/) and GitHub (https://github.com/JadiraOrg/jadira/)  or through the mailing list.

 A big vote of thanks to all the users who have provided bug reports, and suggested fixes and new features during the preparation of the release.

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