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Jadira Usertype 1.9 and 2.0

During this week I released Jadira Usertype 1.9 and today released 2.0.

These releases both feature the same capabilities, including a number that are new. They differ in the versions of Hibernate they support. Usertype 1.9 is for Hibernate 3.6.x and ealier; which Usertype 2.0 is built against Hibernate 4.0.0.beta2 and will not work with earlier versions.

The key new features in these releases are:

  • Improvements to the robustness of mappings of Time types to Timestamps;
  • Support for @Version functionality for Joda and JSR310 types (note that Joda will only give milliseconds precision);
  • Allow usertype properties to be dereferenced in queries for multi-column (composite) types;
  • Usertype classes are now serializable;

Documentation for Usertype is available from the Sourceforge project pages and you can download the releases from Maven Central.

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